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Sweethread is an upstanding Threading salon in North County.  Our highly experienced staff understands the science and art of threading.  We are located in the heart of Leucadia.  Appointments are required, as our availability gets booked quickly.

Threading is a method of facial hair removal founded by ancient Persians.

Threading is fast, neat, and also considered the least invasive of all facial hair removing methods.

Results can last up to two to four weeks based on individual hair growth.

Threading is kinder to the skin than other hair removal methods. There is a possibility that the skin may get a little red immediately after treatment. Touching the treated area may cause irritation (breakout, rashes, bumps, etc).

Threading Care

DO NOT touch the treated areas for the first 12-24 hours.

DO NOT apply perfumed cosmetics or products, such as cleansers and moisturizers, which contain acids (i.e. alpha-hydroxy, glycolic, salicylic, etc.) to the area treated or expose the area to sun beds or chlorine, for at least 12 hours after treatment.

Please DO NOT exfoliate the treated area for the first 12-24 hours.


How long have you been threading?

Zadi at Sweethread has over 15 years perfecting her skills and teaching others in the ancient technique of Threading.

What are the benefits of Threading?

Threading doesn’t burn, lift, or irritate your skin and is less likely to cause breakouts.  It is best done on the face.  Hair is taken from the root, so there is rarely any breakage.  Threading is a light exfoliation of the skin.  Many clients say that their skin glows days after threading.

Why do you prefer Threading versus waxing?

You can thread all over the Face.  100% cotton thread is used and you don’t need to grow your hair out very long to be able to be thread. It is actually preferable that your hair growth is shorter for hair removal compared to waxing.

Is there a process involved in preparing the skin for Threading or aftercare?

Skin must be clean before the treatment.  After the treatment please do not touch the treated areas.  

Who would not be a good candidate for Threading?

Everyone is a good candidate for threading.  The pain factor is relatively low and it is gentle on the areas around the eye.

Do you ever have clients who come to you and are misinformed about threading?

Yes, it is hard for many people to understand how pieces of thread can remove hair.  Some people think that each hair is individually wrapped and pulled out.


Many times they also do not understand how labor intensive and technical threading is.  There are so many variables involved in understanding how long the treatment will take, because it is done on an individual basis.

Are there times of the year when Threading is more difficult to perform?

No, but female clients should not get threaded during, or 3 to 5 days before their menstrual cycle.

You know how some women get sensitive leading up to their period?


Well, that swelling can occur all over your body to varying degrees, and it pushes your nerves closer to the skin’s surface, making you more sensitive to pain.  So ladies, if you are the lucky few – my advice to you is: don’t get any treatment involving pain just before or during your menstrual cycle!

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